Ultimate ZigZag

Ultimate ZigZag


Color Source:
– PriceAction = HH/HL || LH/LL || DT/DB.
– Trend = High/Low.
– Solid.

Display Dots at reversal points.

Display ZigZag line.

Reversal = Line at the price where a new zigzag leg will be established. Price is max/min of high/low of the last “period” number of bars.

Trail draws a developing plot of the reversal line. 

Color background and Paint bars based on price action above/below trail.

Gap Line = option to connect or disconnect trail plot when price breaks trail or in other words trend direction changes.

Enable Alerts on trend reversal.

Display Channel connecting highs together and lows together.

Swing display:
– RX1 = Extends swing line to 1 pivot ahead.
– RX2 = Extends swing line to 2 pivots ahead.
– RX3 = Extends swing line to 3 pivots ahead.
– RX4 = Extends swing line to 4 pivots ahead.
– RX5 = Extends swing line to 5 pivots ahead.
– Naked = Extends swing lines until broken.

Fibonacci drawn once minimum swing Range Ticks is exceeded. It will draw a drawing tool based on a saved template matching the Template Name.

Statistics: (Text info placed above/below pivot bar)
– PriceAction = HH/HL || LH/LL || DT/DB.
– Price = Pivot point price.
– Range in Ticks/Points/Percent = Range size of the zigzag leg in ticks, points, or percent.
– Volume = Total volume of zigzag leg.
– Bars = Total number of bars within the zigzag leg.
– Time = Time stamp of the pivot point.

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