Ultimate ZigZag


Ultimate ZigZag helps traders determine the position of each swing within the overall market cycle, identify Support and Resistance areas between each Swing High/Low, and find potential reversal patterns like head and shoulder tops and double bottoms.

Momentum traders might enter positions once the trend direction is confirmed or exit positions once the trend confirms the opposite direction. For example, a trader holding a long position would not close the position until the ZigZag line turns to the downside.

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Ultimate ZigZag is unique in that it makes it very easy to identify the reversal price in order to create a new zigzag line in the opposite direction. Instead of using a minimum price change to calculate highs and lows, the Highs and Lows of a period of prior bars is used to determine new swings.


  • Option to require bar to close above or below the pivot high to establish a new swing.
  • Display text for pivot price, swing range in ticks, cumulative volume per swing, total number of bars per swing and time of pivot .
  • Display dots at pivots, color background based on trend direction, and box each zigzag leg.
  • Show reversal price where once broken, a new zigzag leg will be established.
  • Draw Fibonacci retracements on zigzag legs whose range is greater than a user-defined minimum range.
  • Display developing zigzag high/low and reversal.
  • Color Trail line based on Trend colors.
  • Paint bars based on Trend.
  • Highlight swing pivots.
  • Create a channel connecting pivots.
  • Market Analyzer, Strategy Builder, and SuperDOM ready.
  • LifeTime License for 2 computers.

Available for NinjaTrader 8.