Support Resistance


Support Resistance is one of the oldest technical analysis tools. The important thing to know is that Support is always below the current price and Resistance is always above the current price level.

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Generally, Support is the price zone where a downtrend may pause because of high Demand. As prices drop, demand increases forming Support. Resistance is the price zone where an uptrend may pause because of high Supply. As prices rise, supply increases forming Resistance.


  • Period to determine the frequency of pivots and strength levels to determine the strength of the pivot (strength level1 will show the most amount of zones, showing both strong and weak, while level 5 will show the least and only the strong zones)
  • Highlight Pivot Bar Range Percentage, Wicks, Body or Open/Close.
  • Option to require bar to close above or below the high or low of the zone to break it.
  • Audio Alerts.
  • Show/Hide broken zones.
  • Break zone on FirstTouch or on FullBreakout.
  • LifeTime License for 2 computers.

Available for NinjaTrader 8.