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LifeTime License for 1 computer

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SuperDOM Profile is a SuperDOM column that allows you to see the Depth of Market alongside the Time & Sales. This shows order sequencing that allows you to see what is happening between limit orders and actual trades filling those orders.

  • Display Volume, Buy/Sell stacked, Buys only, Sells only, and Delta.
  • Display Text as Volume per price or Percentage per price based off the total profile volume.
  • Size filter to show volume greater/less than or equal to N.
  • Option to reset and erase profile by holding down “CtrlShift” as price changes.
  • Display VPOC and Value Area.
  • Profile statistics showing total volume and total delta.
  • Highlight price based on bid, ask, last.
  • Customizable trading hours.

Available for NinjaTrader 8