Initial Balance


Initial Balance highlights the range from the High to the Low of the first hour of the trading session. It is important to not only pay attention to the IBHigh and IBLow, but to also pay attention to how it is developing. For example, if price discovery is fast to the upside, then the market might not have quite finished exploring higher for all the sellers before the first hour ends and the market will likely go into a wide upward rotation providing many scalping opportunities.

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Once the initial balance period is established, if price remains between IBHigh and IBLow then the market is in a balanced state and IBHigh can be used as resistance while the IBLow as support. If price breaks out above the IBHigh then the market is in a Bullish state and IBHigh can be used as support; and if prices break below the IBLow then the market is in a Bearish state and the IBLow can be used as resistance. Range Extension traders generally monitor the Initial Balance area for breakouts.


  • Display IBH, IBL, High, Low, Open, Mid.
  • Display developing.
  • Custom IB start time and end time.
  • Custom EOD time which is the time IB lines stop plotting.
  • Market Analyzer, Strategy Builder, and SuperDOM ready.
  • LifeTime License for 2 computers.

Available for NinjaTrader 8.