Binary Swing

Binary Swing

Swing pivot points are based on the number of bars to the left and right of the swing point.


Forward Period = Number of bars that have passed since the swing pivot point. After this number of bars have passed, the swing value will be definitely set.

LookBack Period = Number of bars to look back from the swing pivot point.

Zone Type: (Display options)
– SingleLines = Single line on High or Low of pivot bar.
– RangePercent = Zone the size of this percent of the pivot bar range.
– Wicks = Zone of the pivot bar wick.
– Body = Zone of the pivot bar body.
– OpenClose = Zone of the pivot bar wick and body, excluding the wicks on the opposite end.

No Break = True will extend swing lines indefinitely with an option to choose how many lines drawn (most recent) so the chart does not get too convoluted. False will extend until broken.

Break Type:
– OnFirstTouch = Breaks the zone on the first touch.
– FullBreakout = Breaks the zone when high and low of the zone is broken.

Enable Alerts on zone touch.